Data Visualization Tools

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The data visualization curriculum aims to build skills in effective data visualization for policy maker and program planner audiences. The curriculum includes background lectures that introduce participants to cutting-edge research presenting data, a decision-tree and “cheat sheet” to help user select fit-for-purpose visualizations, templates and detailed instructions for making graphs in Excel and Stats Report, and practical exercises to ensure participants are comfortable using the tools. There are currently 5 core data visualizations available in Stats Report that complement more standard Excel visualizations.


To my understanding it will be useful by quickly generating the reports and product/ output you want. It does not require you to have advanced statistics background to use, which is cool
— NEP Task Team member on Stats Report

Stats Report also includes a library of data visualization functions that allow users to create their own presentation and report-ready graphs with their own data sets. The current functions – back-to-back bar chart, dot plot, dumbbell plot, lollipop plot, and slope graph – supplement existing Excel graphing options and are part of a broader data visualization curriculum that integrates evidence-based approaches towards communicating data.

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