Stats Report

Stats Report is a simple online tool to run pre-loaded analyses using drop-down menus without having to download software or knowing how to code in a programming language.

Stats Report emerged from the need to train country team members to asses and utilize data for maternal and child health and nutrition program evaluation by conducting standard and reproducible analyses. Integrating Stats Report in NEP’s training strategy has made NEP workshops more efficient by eliminating practical issues of installing and troubleshooting statistical software. Thus, more time can be spent interpreting analytical results and identifying key messages for policymakers.

 It has been used in the NEP to assess data quality, calculate coverage of interventions, analyze lives saved due to health interventions, demonstrate statistical concepts such as uncertainty and regression using country data, and to apply advanced statistical concepts to questions generated by in-country colleagues. It has been used outside of the NEP to run analyses for Countdown to 2030, LiST and COMSA (

Those interested in learning how to program in R can easily “look under the hood” and manipulate/customize existing R code in Stats Report libraries. An additional unique strength is the ability to foster collaboration while encouraging users who first run existing analyses to later develop independent skills and the potential to teach others.

Stats Report can be found at